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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is utilized by organizations to ensure the security of the most critical assets especially those that are available on the Internet. It attempts to identify known and unidentified vulnerabilities within the web application layer and tries to exploit these vulnerabilities in controlled manner.
Our application layer testing assesses insecurities in the web front end and the consequent business risks. Further description in the application layer testing is given below:

  • Malicious Input Checks
  • Web Page Code Analysis
  • Parameter Manipulation Checks
  • Session Violation Checks
  • Access Control Security Analysis
  • Data Encryption Checks
  • Directory Traversal Checks


  1. Executive Report: A high-level snapshot of all existing vulnerabilities, activities, and penetration test results
  2. Detailed Technical Report: this report details the following:

    a. Detailed technical vulnerability findings in the applications for internet based services including evidence of exploits with attack steps
    b. An assignment of a risk rating for each vulnerability.
    c. Vulnerabilities, risk level and recommended remedy measures for each of the components

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