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Risk Management Services

Information security has always been separated from business and rarely been treated as part of the enterprise risk management program. Senior management rarely care about security, meanwhile their focus is on risk as they seeks answers to questions like:

  1. How much Risk do we have?
  2. How much more, or less, risk will we have if ….?
  3. What is the ROI on my information security investments?
  4. Which risk issues are more significant?
  5. How information risk issues compare to other business risk issues?

At IT Security C&T, we provide the services of information risk assessment and mitigation within an industry proven framework that will answer such key questions and introduce information security as an integrated part of Enterprise Risk Management.

The service will implement an information risk management process within the organization which will ensure a continuous recognition of the critical information assets, conducting the risk assessment activities, and developing and executing risk mitigation plans.


  1. Critical Assets Register
  2. Risk Management Methodology
  3. Risk Assessment Report
  4. Risk Mitigation Plan

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