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Network Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing (ethical hacking) is utilized by organizations to validate that their information assets are secure against attacks both from inside and outside the infrastructure. A critical complement to vulnerability scanning, penetration testing proves the extent to which vulnerabilities can be exploited by emulating what a hacker may do in a controlled and methodical manner.
IT Security C&T offers comprehensive Network Penetration Testing to identify security vulnerabilities on the network level whereas operating systems, web servers, network devices, mail systems, FTP servers, etc. will be assessed for known security weaknesses and whether it can be exploited. This test reveals a hacker’s view of the network and will help understand security preparedness of the Network to defend itself against evolving threats.


  1. Executive Report: A high-level snapshot of all existing vulnerabilities, activities, and penetration test results
  2. Detailed Technical Report: this report details the following:

    a. Automated vulnerability scanning & reporting
    b. Manual verification of vulnerabilities reported (Exploitation of known vulnerabilities)
    c. Detailed report including evidence of exploits with attack steps

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