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IT Security C&T was incorporated with the vision to be the leading information security and technology risk management resource center in the Middle East and North African Region. We are specialized in the delivery of affordable high-end information security and technology risk management services that are hard to find within the region at the same cost.

Our team is formed by leading specialists in their field, with experience track records of 10 - 20 years serving at key locations within the MENA region and around the world. The mission is to use this accumulated experience, knowledge, and skills, to develop highly trained bilingual consultants and trainers who are able to deliver world-class services to clients within the region.

We provide information security consulting services that range from information security and risk management strategy development to technical penetration testing and digital forensics services aimed to enable customers at various verticals to understand business and technology threats and apply appropriate controls all within a framework of industry best practices based on international standards like ISO 27000, COBIT, and ISO 20000. See Consulting  for more information.

The Information security training services are aimed to provide customers with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply information security best practices within their organizations and to allow IT professionals to develop a career path in information security and risk management. See Training  for more information.

The information security solutions we provide are specialized integrated solutions that address customer’s complex requirement and provides the organization with state of the art information security controls to mitigate the enterprise risk. We partner with leading vendors and provide customized solutions to meet the increasing demand of our customers to holistically address their security risks. See Solutions  for more information.

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