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Oracle Security


Course Overview

This course covers the most important oracle security features that
must be implemented within any organization running it’s databases
under oracle systems, such as :

  •  Managing critical system and object privileges and roles
  •  Managing SYSDBA and SYSOPER DBA privileges
  •  Securing Oracle Data Dictionary
  •  Oracle common authentication techniques (Authenticating

DBAs-who access as SYSDBA and SYSOPER- Password file
authentication, Database authentication, OS authentication
as well as introducing the advanced network authentication

  •  Oracle data encryption technologies: DBMS_CRYPTO toolkit,

Transparent Data Encryption

  •  Oracle Database Auditing using triggers, standard auditing

methods and Fine-grained auditing.

  • Oracle password management.
  • Securing Oracle listener
  • Introducing the security strengths in the modern versions of

oracle systems as Oracle 11g and the weaknesses existed in
the old versions which are still running widely.


Target Audience

 IT managers and Security managers who are interested in exploring security
strengths and weaknesses in their databases. 

  • Oracle database administrators
  • Oracle Developers
  • Information Security officers and IT auditors who are responsible for

securing databases systems in their organizations

  • Individuals having knowledge and working in oracle database

Course Pre-requisites

 Knowledge and experience in oracle database administration.


Course Details

Module 1: Introduction to Oracle Database Security
• Oracle Security Resources
• Oracle Database Security Challenges
• Oracle Database Security Goals and Responsibilities
• Oracle Database Security Layers
• Oracle Database Categories
• What is Oracle Security?
• Oracle Database Internal  Attack Vectors
• External Attack Vectors
• Other Methods to Combat Oracle Attack Vectors

Module 2 : Oracle Database Access Controls
• Definitions
• Privileges
• Roles
• Profiles
• Password Management

Module 3 : Oracle Database Authentication Methods
• Authentication Overview
• Authentication Methods
• Authentication by Oracle Database
• Authentication by Operating System
• Authentication by Network

Module 4 : Oracle Database Encryption
• Introduction to Database Encryption
• Symmetric versus asymmetric encryption
• Implementing dbms_crypto
• Implementing Transparent data encryption

Module 5 : Securing Oracle Listener
• Oracle TNS Listener
• Listener Files
• Listener Exploits
• The need of securing oracle listener
• Oracle Listener – security controls

Module 6 : Introduction To Oracle Database Auditing
• The Needs of Oracle Database Auditing
• Planning an Audit
• What to Audit
• Oracle standard Auditing
• Oracle auditing using triggers
• Oracle Fine-grained auditing


Knowledge gain:

 • To introduce trainees to oracle database security features and techniques.
• Introduce trainees to oracle database security resources, references,
checklists and tools.  
• To conduct oracle security exercises and practical labs.
• Keeping up-to-date with oracle database security information
• Put the trainee in the right direction toward securing oracle database
systems in his organization


Type of Certificate Obtained

Oracle database Security


 Instructor-Led Training/Classroom

Total Training Hours

8 hours/day








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