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ExceedLMS - Exceed Learning Management System



 This effective tool allows users access to the same information usually presented in workshops online. It allows the customer to enroll all of their staff for short web based training modules which they can follow in their own time and then sit a proficiency test. 


Security is everyone’s responsibility. Employees from all departments including human resources, legal, finance, marketing, sales, engineering, IT, customer services, operation, and management are all responsible for the security of the organization’s information assets. The employees understanding of their responsibilities with regards to the protection of the information they handle on daily basis is of paramount effect on the overall posture of the organization security.
Organizations implement multiple solutions to address the risks associated with the organization’s information. Developing and implementing an information security awareness program that outlines the risks and the organization’s policies and best practices to handle them will provide a sustainable information security program and the whole organization will  realize the benefits of it.
Our program is designed to enhance the security of the organization by providing security awareness to all users. IT Security C&T is offering modular packaged security awareness programs that meet the requirement of different size organizations. These programs could be further customized to meet the security requirements and needs of the customer organization.
Each course is designed so that it can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes by an average student. 



Foundation Package Modules - English and Arabic

  • Introduction to Information Security.
  • Defend Yourself Against Viruses.
  • Good Password Practice.
  • Secure Use of E-Mail.
  • Safe Surfing.
  • Social Engineering.


General Benefits of the ExceedLMS:

  • Enforces concepts and topics presented in the workshop.
  • Provides users with extra exercises and information about the security awareness topics.
  • Keeps users updated with latest security awareness topics.
  • Provides an excellent tool to track the progress of client’s security awareness program.
  • Provides departmental managers and security department staff access to reports outlining who has attended the program.
  • Provides evidence of the security awareness program implementation and supports the future ISO27001/2 certification process.
  • Go beyond compliance and focus on changing behaviors.
  • Create your own program by choosing from over 20 different training modules.
  • Meets mandated compliance requirements.
  • All content is updated annually.
  • Training hosted on your own Learning Management System (LMS) or ExceedLMS
  • ExceedLMS Admin can assign different modules to different Users (or departments).
  • You will have access to a variety of different reporting options giving you the information you need in a simple to read format.
  • Completion certificates.
  • Configurable LMS Front page
  • Fully SCORM compliant v1.2,/v1.3(2004)
  • Automatic E-mail Notifications
  • Web 2.0 and Ajax technologies



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