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Information Security Foundation
The goal of the 3-day Security Foundation course is to introduce and/or enhance the security awareness of the individuals. This course provides attendees with the foundation knowledge of Information Security. It is the basic of all advanced information security training.
This training is useful as an awareness session for General users, IT personnel and Management as well; by taking this training, individuals shall expand their knowledge of information assets and what are the information security threats surrounding them, all information users need to know and get familiar with security concepts, terminologies, and best practices to effectively secure the enterprise network. This course will also highlight the importance of security policies and procedures for the organization in this new era.
Identifying information security controls to maintain and enhance the security posture of any organization is important to enhance the service provided to users and customers; by increasing the information security knowledge, users shall have better control over the information assets and how to deal with possible threats and vulnerabilities.
   Who Should Attend
  • All employees of any organization should attend the information security foundation course
  • Managers and section heads in order to guide their employee for following security best practices.
  • IT staff dealing with sensitive information
  • Employees interested in exploring the information security field.
  • It is the foundation of information security; no prerequisites are required.
   Knowledge Gained
Upon completion of this course, attendees will gain the following knowledge:
  • What are the information assets in every organization and what are the best practices to secure them
  • Understand the information Security elements; Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA).
  • Controlling access to valuable information assets and types of controls.
  • How to develop an effective information security policy
  • Type of threats exposed to
  • Identification of vulnerabilities in the organization
  • Best practices and methodologies to control risks
   Course Details
Introduction to information Security
·         What is information assets
·         Information security elements
·         Information security terminology
·         Definitions
Vulnerability and Risk Management
·         Types of threats
·         Types of vulnerabilities
·         How to identify risks
·         Cost benefit analysis
·         Selecting security controls and countermeasures
·         Incident Management
Introduction to Security Policy
·         Benefits of the Security Policy
·         Policy Development Steps
·         Policy types and definitions
·         Data Classifications
·         Policy examples
·         Types of information security policies Corporate policies vs. technical policies
Access Controls
·         Access Controls Terminology
·         Access Control Types
·         Access Control Models
·         Access control in Security policy
·         Acceptable use of assets
·         Identification and Authentication
·         Physical Security controls
·         Change management
Physical Security
·         The Need for Physical Security
·         Physical Security Threats
·         Physical Security Monitoring Components
·         Special considerations for physical security threats
Introduction to Security Technologies
·         Firewalls
·         Intrusion Detection Systems
·         Virtual Private Networks
·         Scanning and analysis tools
·         Computer Forensics
·         How Does it All Fit Together

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