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CPEH - Certified Professional Ethical Hacker



Course Overview


The Certified Professional Ethical Hacker course is the introductory training to mile2 line of penetration testing courses and certifications. The course train-ing helps students gain a valuable skillset in penetration testing by understand the importance of vulnerability assessments and ethical hacking through:


1. Learning the knowledge and skills behind a vulnerability assessment.

2.  Preparation to apply this knowledge and exercise these skills in the inter-est of others.

3.  Understand the importance of a Vulnerability Assessment and how it can help you prevent serious break-ins to your organization.


This is accomplished by:

·     Performing in-depth labs with industry standard tools.

·     Learning the penetration testing methodology through conceptual theo-ries and real-world practices.

·     Equipping you with the knowledge about what hackers look for when try-ing to hack into your network.


·     Assessing for the cause of testing your company’s security posture to help better secure the infrastructure against intrusion.



Upon Completion


Students will:

·     Have knowledge to perform ethical hacking for vulnerability assessments.

·     Have knowledge to accurately report on their findings.

·     Be ready to sit for the C)PEH exam.



Exam Information

The Certified Professional Ethical Hacker exam is taken online through Mile2’s Assess-ment and Certification System (“MACS”), which is accessible on your account. The C)PEH exam will take 2 hours and consist of 100 multiple choice questions. The cost is $300 USD and must be purchased from the store on



Course Content


Module 1: Security Fundamentals

Module 2: Access Controls

Module 3: Protocols

Module 4: Cryptography

Module 5: Why Vulnerability Assessments Module 6: Vulnerability Tools of the Trade Module 7: Output Analysis and Reports Module 8: Reconnaissance, Enumeration Module 9: Gaining Access

Module 10: Maintaining Access

Module 11: Covering Tracks

Module 12: Malware

Module 13: Buffer Overflows

Module 14: Password Cracking

Appendix 1 - Economics and Law

Appendix 2 - Vulnerability Types

Appendix 3 - Assessing Web Servers

Appendix 4 - Assessing Remote & VPN Services

Appendix 5 - Denial of Service

Review and Exam



Lab Objectives 

This is an intensive, hands-on class. And as such, our focus will be on the ethical hack-ing model of penetration testing. Students will work through mile2's intensive proprie-tary labs in our cyber range learning struc-tured attacks and counter controls in both Windows and Linux systems.

These labs will provide students with the experience necessary to perform ethical hacking on their own business and to rec-ommend solutions to vulnerabilities found.



  • Incident Handlers
  • SOC operators Security Consultants Ethical Hackers
  • IT Management
  • Chief Security Officers


An Interest in penetration testing and ethical hacking.




Duration: 5 Days, 40 Hours

Exam: $300 via

Course Kit: Included

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C)PTC: Penetration Test-ing Consultant



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